15+ Stylish Nails Designs Ideas To Look Romantic And Girly

Nail art is all the rage nowadays, with girls wearing differently designed nails weekly. From vibrant and sparkling to artistic, there are infinite possibilities for nail art. However, a trip to the nail salon each week can become rather pricey, and you’re restricted in the design choices. With do-it-yourself nail art, you can make any layout you want and save a good deal of money!

1. Newspaper Nails

This is a design that is artistic and fun and very simple to accomplish. Let them completely dry. Scrub your fingernail in rubbing alcohol and then press the paper to the nail, then print side from the nail. Hold it for 20 to 30 minutes and then remove the paper. The print should have moved to the nail. After waiting for about 1 minute, use a high-quality sealing polish to maintain the print onto the nail.

2. Glitter Tips

This is an adorable layout that may be brilliant and glitzy, ideal for a night out. Begin by using masking a transparent polish over the entire nail. Using a glitter brush or your fingertips, apply glitter in almost any color you choose to just the tips of the nail (the area where the white will be in a French manicure).

3. Lace Nail Art

For this adorable design, you will need a length of lace that is wider than your nails are long. Black or darker colors work very well. For each nail, you will want to cut a piece of lace that fits perfectly within the nail. As soon as you’ve got the bits of lace cut, then apply a clear polish to a nail at a time and set the lace firmly on top. When you have all of the lace pieces set, apply a sealing polish on top to keep the lace for a beautiful do-it-yourself nail art look!

4. This is a whimsical and gorgeous design that’s fairly simple to accomplish. You are going to want nail polish in a dark, midnight blue, a moderate (lighter) blue and white or light-colored glitter. Begin by painting half of a single nail (closest to the cuticle) using the dark blue.

5. This is an excellent summer design that’s fresh and cute. Begin with a dark pink gloss, minty green, and black. When you have dried, apply dots (seeds) into the pink area of the nail, just beneath the green tip.

These are simply a couple of the great do it yourself nail art designs that you can do. With just a little imagination and creativity, you will have all your friends asking you to do their claws also!