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Knowing your particular nail type will permit you to care for and keep healthy nails effectively. Here are 5 different nail pointers for 5 various nail types:

Soft fingernails – soft fingernails are easier to break. Because this bend and break easily, you can make them harder by regularly applying nail hardener. The hardener will help decrease the peeling and, at the same time, secure the protein fibers, therefore the more powerful fingernails.

a. Avoid hydration – this will make them soft and susceptible to breaking. You can secure them by using gloves when performing chores at home.

b. Avoid detergents and chemicals – this can likewise impact the integrity of your fingernails.

c. Apply Elemi oil – if you don’t have gloves, you can use this as it wards off water from your fingernails.

2. Fragile fingernails – I understand a lot of people who have breakable and weak nails. One way of understanding if you have weak and brittle nails is by pushing your nails together. Your nails may not be as strong as you believe or wish they are if they don’t flex upon using pressure. Since they split and break rapidly, this is the reason why you can’t appear to grow them long. Fragile nails are dehydrated, and this is the reason that you should avoid utilizing nail hardeners. You can use the following products to add moisture and revitalize your nails:

a. Moisturizer
b. Hand butter
c. Almond oil

Dry fingernails – the best way to check if you have dry nails is by running your thumb across your fingernails. Here are other pointers to care for dry nails:

a. Vitamin E capsule – open and rub the powder directly on your nails. Do this at least 2 or 3x each day. It works by securing and fixing damaged nails and skin due to the fact that it contains antioxidants.

b. Do not utilize shimmer nail polish – if you have dry nails, and this item will further dry your nails out.

c. Usage liquid hand soap – bar soaps are nice; however, one of their active ingredients is Salt Laurent Sulfate, which likewise has a drying impact.

Healthy fingernails – not everybody is cursed with soft, brittle, dry, and broken nails. If you’re one of those people who’s fortunate enough to have healthy nails, you can take care of them by routinely utilizing hand cream.

5. Harmed fingernails – make sure and get your healthy nails back by applying cuticle oil on a daily basis. This will encourage the growth of more recent and much healthier nails.

Understanding your specific nail type will allow you to care for and preserve healthy nails correctly. There are people who have nails that grow slowly, and there are others who feel like they have dull and rough nails. Here are 5 various nail tips for 5 different nail types:

One method of knowing if you have brittle and weak nails is by pushing your nails together. Brittle nails are dehydrated, and this is the factor why you need to avoid utilizing nail hardeners.